Thursday, December 12, 2019

DJ’s 4 Color Smashy Smashy

The boys kick off the Arc of Others

Delver in Modern!?

Delver in 2019? Fournier thinks so.

Tweaking your Commander deck

Ever get stuck with a stale Commander build and don't know where to go next? Bryan's got you covered.

The Pressure of this Mythic Championship

With lots at stake for Alex at this Mythic Championship, how is he feeling?

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It: Azorius Control in Modern

Can Azorius Control still be successful in Modern?

Top 8 Magic: Mythic Championship VII Preview Show

With the Mythic Championship decklists fresh off the presses, Brian and Zvi sit down to discuss their favorites and which lists have the most spice

Open Recap: Merfolk and Oko take down Montreal

This past weekend the FacetroFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to Montreal for a Modern Open. Jump in and check out the action.

Not the Sliver Deck you Think!

The boys continue the Arc of EDHNM