Top 8 Magic #480 – Playing weirdo Tetris

Mike and BDM return to their old haunt at Waverly and Gay, to discuss crowd-funding travel for pro play, the weight of the impact Modern Horizons is already having on Modern (especially two specific cards), and the MPL challenger invitations.

Health, the Mental Game, Live Arena Tournaments

Alex and KYT talk about factors that can affect a player’s performance and the appeal of live MTG Arena tournaments.

Arena Super Cup Champ and Decks from finalnub’s Lab

KYT, Andy, Elliot, and Jonathan celebrate KYT's Arena Super Cup Invitational victory, talk to Gabryel Laporte about Gruul Midrange in Standard, and tackle all the gripes with the Mythic Arena Championship and Magic Pro League.

Showdown Recap: Modern Horizons Pre-Release

This past weekend we hosted a 1k Sunday Showdown to celebrate Modern Horizons Pre-Release. Check out what the Top 8 decks looked like!

Open Recap: Modern in North Bay

This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to North Bay for a Modern Open. Jump in and check out all the action!

GoFundMes, Ramp in Standard and High-Level Strategy

Alex and KYT talk about the controversial GoFundMe topic and dive into Standard.

Booking Barcelona with Izzet Phoenix

This past weekend Fournier took down an MCQ with his beloved Izzet Phoenix deck. Check out his full deck guide for the list!

Winning with UR Phoenix

KYT, Andy, Elliot, and Jonathan chat recent MCQ winner Dan Fournier about playing UR Phoenix in Standard, crowdsourcing travel to Mythic Championships, and dethroning UW Control in Modern. Special apparance by Alex Hayne!