Open+ Recap: Modern in Edmonton

This past weekend the Open series traveled to Edmonton. Alberta for a Modern Open+. Check out all the action!

State of Modern & PT London predictions

Jonathan offers his thoughts on the current state of Modern, his predictions for MC London and what he would play in the format right now.

Showdown Recap: Standard

This past weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we hosted a Standard 1k Sunday Showdown. Check out all the action!

Top 8 Magic #473 – Turret Ogre still has reach!

Mike and BDM get together again a second time this week to discuss comics, more War of the Spark story and preview cards, and once again confirm a key piece of prerelease advice.

Titan Breach Deck Guide

Grand Prix Calgary Champion Attila Fur goes through the sideboard plans of his Titan Breach deck!

Men From Modo #110 – A Gruuling Set Review

David & Travis review all of the Green and Red cards from War of the Spark for limited play.

Face to Face Games Toronto’s new weekly event schedule!

Face to Face Games Toronto is moving locations and that means we've got a brand new and improved event schedule!

Cracking the London Mulligan

Want to know exactly how the London Mulligan will impact Modern? Team Face to Face Games' Morgan McLaughlin went deep on the math to answer all your questions.