Attacky White with a Twist

The boys continue the Arc of Commander Rejects!

Hayne Headed to Mythic Championship V

Alex is battling at Mythic Championship V this weekend! Listen to hear where his head is at regarding Standard.

How to win the Golos mirror

Dear Diary, I Just got back from SCG Philly. Standard almost everywhere. Golos almost everywhere. Hehe. Oh diary, what a week. I won a lot...

Shaheen Soorani, Golos Standard, Best Emry in Modern

Shaheen Soorani joined the show to chat Standard and to tell us what he thinks the best deck in Modern is. Is it Emry Ascendancy?

Oko’s made Urza Broko!

Don't look now, but Urza's got a new toy.

Showdown Recap: Matthew Dilks wins with Tundra in Legacy

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Toronto Legacy superstar and all around master Matthew Dilks threw everyone a curveball this weekend...

MagicFest Montreal Champion, Auto-Pilot, Focus

Recorded after Alex's Grand Prix Montreal win, the guys talk high level Limited strategy.

Eldraine’s Top 10 Commander cards

Throne of Eldraine released recently and there are some sweet new Commander cards I’m excited to try out, and I hope you are too....