Friday, December 13, 2019

Open+ Recap: Zhang’s Eldrazi dominate Vancouver

After an incredible year on the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series, this past Saturday we celebrated our last event of 2019 when we traveled to Vancouver,...

Showdown Recap: Fournier dominates Pioneer with Simic Food

This past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted our first ever PIONEER 1k Showdown. Jump in and check out all the action!

Becoming Mythic: Top 16 at MCVII

Ally Warfield came so close to Top 8 this past weekend at MC 7. She's got the whole story for you.

DJ’s 4 Color Smashy Smashy

The boys kick off the Arc of Others

Is Twiddle Storm legit?

It's not secret that this past year has been good to me. At least Magic-wise. I Top 8'd my first Pro Tour, found myself in...

Delver in Modern!?

Delver in 2019? Fournier thinks so.

Tweaking your Commander deck

Ever get stuck with a stale Commander build and don't know where to go next? Bryan's got you covered.

The Pressure of this Mythic Championship

With lots at stake for Alex at this Mythic Championship, how is he feeling?