Showdown Recap: Is Omar Beldon ever going to lose?


This whole Omar Beldon winning every Showdown thing is getting pretty exhausting. Can someone please beat this guy! We’re going to have to put a bounty on all his matches if this keeps up!

This past Sunday we hosted another Pioneer Showdown and despite lending almost his entire Pioneer collection to friends attending the Players Tour in Phoenix, Omar Beldon won his FOURTH Showdown of 2020 with Five-Colour Niv-Mizzet. A deck that in his own words, “sucks” despite the fact that he also Top 4’d the our F2F Tour Hamilton event with it just a day earlier.

Omar Beldon.

Omar was able to take down Lizzie Harms and her sweet Orzhov Auras deck in the finals. Omar’s Niv deck was very popular about a month ago before Dimir Inverter and Lotus Breach popped up in the format. Previously Niv was preying on Aggro decks like Mono-Black and the midrange red decks by going over the top of them. Now, Inverter and Breach have made it really hard to play such a slow gameplan when you can simply die when you tap out for your five mana payoff.

Your Pioneer Showdown Top 8.

Joining them in the Top 8 was Connors Eilerson, Andrew Oyen and Jason Arsenault who all played the Golgari Hardened Scales deck, Chris Ha playing Mono-Black Aggro, Matt Mealing playing a sweet mono-red dragons deck and Pete Smith playing Sultai Delirium.

An extra special shoutout goes to Mealing and Oyen on their finishes. Oyen remarked to me after the event “when Mealing and i top 8 with brew’s you know it’s casual old man land.” They both proved that when it comes to a spicy brew — age is just a number.

As for Pioneer at large, well this event looked like a bit of an anomaly to me. Zero copies of Inverter or Breach in the Top 8 is certainly a strange site after the results of Players Tour Phoenix and our massive F2F Tour Pioneer weekend. With that said, we all know how much Toronto likes to play fair. If you’re looking for some extra Pioneer data, check out our metagame breakdown from the event on Saturday:

I guess this is the part of the article where I’m supposed to congratulate Omar on his finish. But at this point him winning everything and the smug Facebook messages I get after the fact about having to write about his victories are getting old. So instead, I challenge all of Toronto to come out to our Legacy Showdown this weekend and try to beat him!

As I’ve said in previous weeks, this season, we’re going to closely following the Ultimate Showdown leaderboard each week and I’ll be giving you updates on the race as the results unfold every week in these recaps. This week Omar increased his points total to an astounding 430 and notably Lizzie Harms also secured her spot in the Ultimate Showdown. For the full leaderboard check out our ongoing tracker here.

This upcoming weekend Face to Face Games Toronto we’ll be hosting a Legacy Showdown. Make sure to come out and play one of the only formats that Oko, Thief of Crowns is still legal in! You can pre-register here and we’ll see you at the shop!