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(1:15) Andy takes down the latest MTGO Standard MCQ with Bant Scapeshift. How broken is it?
(14:05) Shaheen Soorani’s team won SCG Philadelphia! He of course played UW Control.
(19:55) If control is best in a predictable metagame, why is Shaheen playing UW Control?
(22:05) What happened to misplacedginger? What’s his take on Modern?
(29:50) How did Elliot’s SCG Philly go with Bring to Light Scapeshift?
(32:50) Where is finalnub’s head when it comes to Modern? Is Hogaak still good?
(39:35) How has Shaheen’s draft preparation been going?
(41:45) Commentary on Hasbro revenue report
(46:30) finanub responds to Ari Lax on Neoform

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