Alexander Hayne flew from Montreal to Edmonton this past weekend to earn himself the final spot on Team Canada for the World Magic Cup. He’ll be joining Shaun McLaren, Dave Goldfarb, and Daniel Fournier. With two Pro Tour champions, this is the most decorated Team Canada yet!

People had expected Hayne to be playing a Sphinx’s Revelation deck once again but he took it down with BG Midrange and explained that if it weren’t for flight delays, he would have played Pack Rats and Nissas instead of Esper Control at the Montreal WMCQ two weekends ago. At that tournament, he had lost in the top 8 against Mono Black Devotion.

After watching Daniel Fournier win the tournament with BG, he was convinced even more that it was the top deck choice for him and made very minor adjustments to Fournier’s list. We don’t have access to the top 8 decklists, but here’s Hayne’s WMCQ-winning 75!

Good luck Team Canada!