Ancestral Recall #3 – The Rogue Strategy

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Ever wonder why Mike is always playing (or advocating) weird decks?

“The Rogue Strategy”, his second-to-last article ever for legendary website The Magic Dojo might give you a bit of insight. Mike cites Hall of Famer Bob Maher Jr and his ability to win with a seemingly underpowered Mono-Blue Skies variant back at Pro Tour Chicago 2000 as a catalyst for a Magical life philosophy.

Bob’s deck:

Bob Maher’s Ankh-Tide all the way back from PT Chicago 2000 is central to this week’s Ancestral Recall podcast

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Is Rogue deck building still relevant? Or at least Mike’s take from nearly two decades ago? As usual, the Regional Champ weighs in with a modern perspective.

Original Article: Available at Deckade – http://amzn.to/deckade

Your hosts:

Mike Flores – @fivewithflores
Roman Fusco – @RomanFusco

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