Ancestral Recall #5 – Asking Better Questions


Real-Life story:
Presidential hopeful Teddy Roosevelt’s election squad prints up three million flyers supporting their candidate.
PROBLEM: They did not own the rights to the photograph they used.
This potential disaster gave Roosevelt’s squad the opportunity to ask many questions of what to do next. How much should they offer the rights holder? Should they risk fines and go ahead without permission?
Instead, they just asked him: “How much will you bid for the exposure of your photograph being showcased on some three million presidential flyers”?
Successful people in any arena generally have a better quality of information.
“Asking Better Questions” provides a model to improve your own quality of information in Magic by… Well… Asking better questions. This article outlines how you can use questions like Roosevelt’s team did to better understand and perform in Magic.

Also a bit about Gwen Stefani v. Blake Lively.

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