Jonathan Rosum is one of the SCG Tour's most renowned control players. He's here to tell you exactly how to build and sideboard with Esper in Standard.
This past weekend Face to Face Games hosted a Standard Mythic Championship Qualifier in Montreal. See who locked their slot for the next MC!
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open series traveled to London, Ontario for a Modern Open. Check out all the action!
Fournier's got a fresh take on how you need to be building your white beat down decks to tackle the Standard metagame. Find out how he's building white aggro!
This past weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we hosted a Modern Showdown as part of our weekly 1k Showdown Series. Check out who took it down!
Karn, the Great Creator is all over eternal formats. Keith tells shows you all the sweet ways you can utilize the new planeswalker!
The Legacy format has left Daniel Fournier with some concerns about the Modern Horizons.
On Sunday Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1K Sealed Sunday Showdown to celebrate War of the Spark Release Weekend. Check out the action!
War of the Spark Standard is finally upon us and Keith Capstick is here to tell you exactly what you should be playing!
Maverick expert Karim Badrudin went 11-4 at GP Niagara Falls to finish 53rd. He shares his deck choices and a London mulligan decklist.

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