Trying to ignite your creative spark and looking for some inspiration? Here’s two funky decks I’ve been working on. Leaning on the approach discussed in the guide, we’ll walk through what makes these decks a blast to play. 1. Operation...
Mat Stein looks back at how he's been able to improve his mental game over the years.
The FacetoFaceGames.com Tournament Series has had an exceptional first half to 2019. More and more players across Canada are coming out week after week to play Standard, Draft, Commander and Modern with us. In fact, the first half was...
This past weekend Fournier took down an MCQ with his beloved Izzet Phoenix deck. Check out his full deck guide for the list!
Want to level up your Standard Esper game? Jump in and watch Shaheen Soorani play some MTG Arena with his favourite deck in the format!
KYT reveals FaceToFaceGames.com's exclusive spoiler for Modern Horizons. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for providing this preview.
Maverick expert Karim Badrudin went 11-4 at GP Niagara Falls to finish 53rd. He shares his deck choices and a London mulligan decklist.
Esper Control is great again and Standard and nobody is more excited than Shaheen Soorani. Jump in and watch him play Esper on MTG Arena!
After winning SCG Vegas, Jonathan Zhang breaks down the current state of Modern and offers his recommendations for the upcoming GPs & RPTQS!
Face to Face Games hosted a Modern Open and a Modern Sunday Showdown this past weekend. Jump in and get caught up on what was a huge weekend for Magic's most popular format!

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