GTA Local Jessica Buchanan made a deep run at Grand Prix Toronto with 5C Humans. Jump in and get everything you need to know about her weekend, and the deck she used deep into Day 2!
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to St. John's Newfoundland for a Modern Open. Check out all the action!
This past weekend we hosted a 1k Modern PPTQ Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto. Jump in and check out what deck took down this sold out event !
If you're looking to play BGx in Modern, Keith Capstick's guide is an absolute must-read!
11-4 at SCG DFW with Azorius Stoneblade good for a Top 16 finish. Welcome to Modern Stoneforge Mystic.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_yC2G8nsLs]My deck was everything I expected with the addition of one of Legacy's best two-drops and and with a good break...
Daniel Fournier piloted Grixis Death's Shadow to the Top 8 of the Ultimate Showdown. Check out his take on the deck and how he'd make changes going forward.
Canadian Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Joseph Derro is back and has more great Limited advice for you. Jump into this sweet Rivals of Ixalan case study and learn a thing or two !
This past weekend in Montreal we hosted a massive Modern Mythic Championship Qualifier. Jump in and check out which deck was able to come out on top!
This past weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we hosted a Standard 1k Sunday Showdown. Check out all the action!
After winning SCG Vegas, Jonathan Zhang breaks down the current state of Modern and offers his recommendations for the upcoming GPs & RPTQS!

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