Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Keith has been working on the Legacy format for weeks trying to help his friends prepare for Pro Tour Magic 25. Jump in and check out what he thinks of the format after the Day 1 metagame has been revealed!
A couple weekends back Jonathan Rosum made the Top 8 of SCG Baltimore with a sweet new B/W Vehicles deck in Standard. Jump in to learn all about it!
Toronto local Taimur Rashid is just about to battle in his first ever Pro Tour. ManaDeprived's Keith Capstick sat down with him to get his take on the expirience and what he expects.
A demolition derby is a good example of an open-plan tournament. As long as your car is built within permitted specifications, you can do basically whatever you want however you want in the arena, and take as long as...
Daniel Goetschel has been tearing it up at Face to Face Games Toronto and on Magic Online with Blue Moon since Jace was unbanned. He's got everything you need to know about the deck!
Fournier is back this week and he's got a Standard brew for you and a spicy post-Dominaria update. Check out Mono-White Servos in Standard!
Deckbuilder Jeremy Brain shares his detailed thoughts behind his GB Ramp list for Modern!
Matthew Dilks has some hot predictions just in time for Monday's banned and restricted announcement. Check out how he thinks potential changes will effect Legacy!
Daniel Fournier gets you ready with everything you need to know headed into this weekend's Pro Tour Ixalan action !
Nelson Guilbert offers a comprehensive guide on his new favourite deck: Counters Company!