GTA Local Jessica Buchanan made a deep run at Grand Prix Toronto with 5C Humans. Jump in and get everything you need to know about her weekend, and the deck she used deep into Day 2!
Bloodbraid Elf has just been unbanned in Modern and Keith has everything you need to know about the powerful midrange finisher !
Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf are now legal to play in Modern. Fournier's got all you need to know about building decks with Jace in this new Modern world. Do not miss these decklists!
Pro Tour hall of famer and member of Team Face to Face Games Ben Rubin is back from Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan and has some Modern insights for you. Check out his tournament report from the PT and find out what deck he played !
We had a Modern Showdown this past Sunday to get everyone ready for GP Toronto. Jump in and get all the decklists and details !
Keith put away his Thoughtseizes in favour of Cryptic Commands at our last Modern Open. Jump in and find out why!
This week Fournier takes a break from updating you on competitive Magic, for a much more serious topic. Here's what you should eat at Grand Prix Toronto next weekend !
Elliot Fortier shares his latest version of Grixis Energy and how he plans against the mirror!
The bannings have completely overhauled Standard and the format is brand new. Check out what took down our Standard PPTQ Sunday Showdown!
We had our first FaceToFaceGames.com Open of 2018 at Seneca in Toronto Jan. 27, come check out whose familiar face took down the top prize !

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