After an 18th place finish at MagicFest Calgary, Sean Hetherington shares an in-depth Martyr Proclamation deck guide.
War of the Spark Standard is finally upon us and Keith Capstick is here to tell you exactly what you should be playing!
Face to Face Games Toronto is moving locations and that means we've got a brand new and improved event schedule!
This past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1k Team Sealed Showdown as part of our weekly Showdown series. Check out all the action!
Jonathan Rosum is one of the SCG Tour's most renowned control players. He's here to tell you exactly how to build and sideboard with Esper in Standard.
Keith Capstick has spent a good portion of his Magic playing life in love with Death's Shadow decks. Check out his thoughts on the popular Grixis archetype.
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to Hamilton, Ontario for a Modern Open. Jump in and check out all the action!
Face to Face Games Toronto is moving! Kelly Ackerman speaks from the heart and talks about the big move.
Mathew Stein breaks down the UR Taking Turns deck he took to a 15th place finish at Grand Prix Toronto.
It's not every day you get a platinum pro's opinion on Legacy. Check out Eli Kassis' favourite deck in one of Magic's oldest formats!

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