Check in with Daniel Fournier as he tells you everything to expect from the Standard at the World Championship and looks forward to next weekend's Canadian Nationals !
Keith Capstick talks deckbuilding, Magic, life and leveling up your game !
Get caught up on all the action from our Ixalan Limited 1k Sunday Showdown !
Chris Yorke discusses how best to evolve a deck to a metagame-dominating beast in Magic League!
Despite the banning of Splinter Twin keeping him up every night in a cold sweat, Daniel Fournier is still trying
Simon Tubello is still trying to play Control in Standard. If you think you want to make counterspells work for Nationals catch up with Simon's latest!
Keith walks you through the cards he'd play in every colour of Ixalan so you don't even need to think about what to play this weekend at Pre-Release. Just come on out and have fun!
Keith spoke with Marc Anderson, Canada's last National Champion, about what it means for Nats to be back and what he expects to see on Oct.14!
Catch up with columnist Daniel Fournier as he takes you through his starting decklists for Ixalan Standard testing before Nationals!
See what the metagame looked like at our Sunday 1k Legacy Showdown!

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