Daniel Fournier has all the secrets on what to do and what not to do when it comes to deck selection.
Keith talks writing and Magic and tells you what his favourite articles of all-time are.
One of our local players, Simon Tubello, takes you through his U/W Control build in Modern
Check out all the action and the Top 8 decklists from this past Sunday's Legacy Sunday Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto
Jump in and check out everything that went down at our FacetoFaceGames.com Open series event in Niagara this past Saturday
New Perspectives 5-0'd an MTGO league. Is Standard starting to get wild?
Take a look at the Legacy deck Keith's been working on heading into this weekend's Legacy Sunday Showdf
Get caught up on Standard with all the action from Sunday's RPTQ for Pro Tour Ixalan.
Check out all the action from out Standard LCQ and find out who qualified for Sunday's RPTQ.
Keith Capstick recaps the latest Modern Showdown in Toronto! Zack Chatel took it down with GW Tron!

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