Keith tells you everything you need to know to get you ready for this Sunday's Team Trios Showdown !
Daniel Fournier takes a break from his competitive Magic column to talk about one of the most important topics in the Magic community.
Check out all the action from our Modern Sunday Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto !
Keith Capstick walks you through the 4C Death's Shadow deck he used to take down a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier!
This week Fournier's got all the details on the Temur Energy list he played at Canadian Nationals. Check it out !
There were some Brainstorms cast at the Nationals venue too! Check out the Top 8 from our Legacy Showdown.
We handed out a lot of prizes this weekend. Check out the Top 8 from our Modern Open+ on Nationals Sunday !
Canadian Nationals is over and we've crowned a National Champion. Get caught up on everything that went down at Nats!
Daniel Fournier really wants you to succeed at Nationals this weekend. In his column this week he tells you everything you need to know about mulliganing in Standard !
GP Toronto Top 8 competitor Taimur Rashid tells you everything thing you need to know to Draft Ixalan at Nationals !

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