From Becoming the Champ To Making the Best Deck Worse

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KYT and Robert get to chat with 2017 Canadian Nationals champion Kale Thompson, along with his teammate and friend of the show Andy “FOOTBALL” Peters, about Temur Energy, the Nationals format, and how Kale once got “Lombardied”.

  • (00:02:37) What made Kale choose Temur Energy for Nationals? And what tech card did Andy and Kale sideboard to crack the mirror match wide open?
  • (00:07:32) Is Temur Energy the right choice for PPTQs going forward?
  • (00:15:15) How did the draft portion of the tournament go for everyone?
  • (00:23:08) How much prep is the right amount for a tournament like Nationals?
  • (00:28:40) Was it a concern drafting without stamped product? How did the Nationals organizers handle this? Impressions of the Nationals two-day format in general?
  • (00:37:54) Should a Magic Online player drop from leagues at 4-0 to hide their decklist for being reported? Is it better for constructed to have all the data, or no data at all?
  • (00:56:17) So what is Kale’s plan for getting ready with his teammates for the World Magic Cup? And impressions of Nationals overall?

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.

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