With Grand Prix Detroit looming you’re probably looking for something to tackle the #teameldrazi menace. Below you’ll find the lists that championed our 50 player event! Our next Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto is a GPT for the Toronto Grand Prix!

Melira Company by Ben Winokur (1st)

RG Eldrazi by Daniel Fournier (2nd)

Jund by Matt Loong (3rd)

Merfolk by Muk Ablack (4th)

Eldrazi Aggro by Ricardo Jota (5th)

Bant Eldrazi by Denys Robinson (6th)

Kiki-Chord by Brian Liu (7th)

RG Eldrazi by Quan Le Minh (8th)

The Sunday Showdowns are a series of 1K tournaments that take place at the Face to Face Games Toronto store. To keep things fresh, the format rotates every week and the events have been attracting many players, both old and new.