Saturday, July 21, 2018
Craig Cameron-Weir analyzed the ISD Block Tokens archetype and hit the MODO queues with a list to figure out how the deck ticks. Read more about his findings of the Block Constructed metagame.
Vincent Thibeault offers some introspection on the reasons he plays Magic. Maybe you share some of the same reasons. As a bonus he touches on ISD Block.
In this installment, our hero delves into the down-and-dirty world of Block, and taps some New Phyrexia spoilers along the way to begin painting a picture of the block format to come. Anyone looking to play some constructed MTGO on the cheap should check out Scars Block!
Thiago Saporito, better known as bolov0, is actually also one of the top-rated players in real-life MTG. He is currently ranked 55th in the world with a DCI rating of 2087. Proving that he is not merely an online player, Thiago was able to finish in the top 64 at the most recent Pro Tour (PT San Juan). In Part One of his tournament report, he talks about the matches he played on Day 1 (5 rounds of Block and 3 rounds of ROE Draft).