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KYT, Andy, and Jonathan are joined by MTGO legend Daniel Goetschel to discuss electronic MtG in bricks and mortar stores, the Modern metagame for MC Barcelona, and the pitfalls of Modern Horizons draft.

(00:01:18) Was the DCI right to ban Bridge from Below in Modern on Monday? Should they have banned more cards?
(00:11:23) What decks will be played in Modern in Barcelona now that Bridge has been banned? What decks should people practice for the tournament? Why is Wrenn and Six good in Modern?
(00:18:21) Do people play less at their Local Game Store (LGS) because of MTGO or MTG Arena? How about local tournaments? Would local players meet at a store to play an online tournament? What incentives could be used to draw digital Magic players to bricks and mortar venues?
(00:38:22) How has Dan been prepping Modern for MC Barcelona, knowing there would be a bannned & restricted list update before the tournament? Is it better to play the best deck, or one you like?
(00:46:13) What is the Modern Horizons draft format like? Why is it hard to draft pivot cards spanning more than one archetype? Is the Snow archetype as good as reported?
(00:55:04) What do the listeners think of the format change for First Strike from the 1-vs-1 debate style, to the topical round table with guests?

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