Thursday, August 6, 2020
Field of the Dead rocked the Standard of old hard enough to get a banning. Nowadays people are combining the raw power of mana acceleration, Field of the Dead, Wilderness Reclamation, and Expansion/Explosion. It’s led to a new S-Tier...
Check out what Eli is playing in the Players Tour Finals today and why!
Eli Kassis shares the Bant list he's been working on!
Eli Kassis shows 2 early decks to jump into new Standard with.
Eli Kassis looks at the Standard landscape ahead of Players Tour Online 3.
Eli discusses Jund Sacrifice in Standard!
Ryan Donkin thinks his Ad Nauseam deck does a very good job at beating Companions. Check it out!
An update on the reopening of our stores, the F2F Tour and online orders.
Eli Kassis talks about a Scapeshift list he's been fond of lately for Modern.
Eli takes Orzhov Constellation for a spin in Standard!

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