Monday, May 25, 2020
Ally Warfield is embarking on her first MC journey. Find out how she's preparing to put up a good result!
This past weekend Eli Kassis piloted Modern Urza Sword to a Top 8 finish at SCG Richmond. Get up to date on his latest version!
Get caught up on Standard with all the action from Sunday's RPTQ for Pro Tour Ixalan.
Daniel Goetschel has been tearing it up at Face to Face Games Toronto and on Magic Online with Blue Moon since Jace was unbanned. He's got everything you need to know about the deck!
New Perspectives 5-0'd an MTGO league. Is Standard starting to get wild?
Keith walks you through his preparation process for this weekend's Face to Face Games Open + in Toronto.
Ryan from CCO is back to bring you his top EDH cards of 2019!
Fournier is back this week and he's got a Standard brew for you and a spicy post-Dominaria update. Check out Mono-White Servos in Standard!

Bad Cards

Marcus discusses when to play with bad cards and what bad cards to play with.
This past Sunday Face to Faces Games Toronto hosted a 1k Legacy Sunday Showdown. Jump in and check out what went down!

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