Friday, December 6, 2019
Chris Yorke recaps his Aether Revolt league experience and announces one for Amonkhet!
Canadian Nationals is over and we've crowned a National Champion. Get caught up on everything that went down at Nats!
While some players were battling on Day 2 of Canadian Nationals more than 200 others were battling in our sold out Face to Face Games Modern Open+! Check out all the action.
Get caught up with the Top 8 from our Last Chance Qualifier Showdown this past Saturday !
Jeremy Brain keeps working in his lab and updates two of his favorite Modern decks!
Elliot Fortier shares his latest version of Grixis Energy and how he plans against the mirror!
Keith has been working on the Legacy format for weeks trying to help his friends prepare for Pro Tour Magic 25. Jump in and check out what he thinks of the format after the Day 1 metagame has been revealed!
After heartbreak in Dallas Ally Warfield bounced back to qualify for the next Mythic Championship in Indianapolis. Read the whole story!
Get caught up on all the action from Sunday's Standard Sunday Showdown!
Trying to ignite your creative spark and looking for some inspiration? Here’s two funky decks I’ve been working on. Leaning on the approach discussed in the guide, we’ll walk through what makes these decks a blast to play. 1. Operation...

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