Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Eli Kassis talks about a Scapeshift list he's been fond of lately for Modern.
Brian and Zvi virtually sit down to talk about the first major Companion bannings in Vintage and Legacy and Zvi's recent approach to the changing Standard metagame.
Eli takes Orzhov Constellation for a spin in Standard!
BDM and Zvi talk standard for the upcoming Mythic Qualifier on MTG arena.
Jonathan Zhang (@finalnub) goes through a Modern Preliminary with Neobrand.
Morgan McLaughin has recently won 24 matches in a row playing Bant. Find out his recipe!
Lurrus has been the talk of the town. Eli Kassis chooses to harness its power in his Jeskai Underworld Breach deck!
Part 2 of BDM and Zvi's journey into Ikoria limited.
BDM and Zvi talk Ikoria limited and what decks Zvi's been trying out.

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