Wednesday, November 20, 2019
A few weeks back, my team of Matthew Dilks and Jon Rosum won the Team Open in Philadelphia. We played the absolute best deck in each format and with every passing round that became more and more clear. My opinion...
Fournier's back with yet another Goblin Guide. And this week, everything has stayed the same!
Fournier's back with another edition of the Goblin Guide. Find out exactly what you should be playing in everything format this weekend!
You’ve just finished putting together a list you found on online or a spicy brew you've been working on -- what now? What decks are you going to play against? What decks does your list struggle against? How are...
In our new weekly series Daniel Fournier tells you what you should be playing this weekend, while also cracking a few jokes!
One of the old school kings of RUG Delver is here to tell you how he's building the best deck in Legacy!
Maverick expert Karim Badrudin went 11-4 at GP Niagara Falls to finish 53rd. He shares his deck choices and a London mulligan decklist.
Keith has been working on the Legacy format for weeks trying to help his friends prepare for Pro Tour Magic 25. Jump in and check out what he thinks of the format after the Day 1 metagame has been revealed!
One of Toronto's best Legacy players is back and has some advice for you after the recent Banned and Restricted announcement. Hop in and check out what Matthew Dilks has to say.
The Ultimate Showdown is almost here! Keith has got you covered as he takes you on a trip through all three major constructed formats.

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