Monday, July 6, 2020
Matthew Dilks has been running roughshod through virtually all of Face to Face Games' Toronto events over the past year. Lucky for you, he's here to tell you how to finally beat him in Legacy. Check it out!
The Ultimate Showdown is almost here! Keith has got you covered as he takes you on a trip through all three major constructed formats.
Just a couple weeks prior to Grand Prix Toronto, more than 120 players battled in Team Trios at our Open event this past Saturday in Toronto. This probably won't catch you off-guard but recent Grand Prix champion and Canadian...
This past Sunday we hosted a Team Trios Showdown to get you all prepped for Grand Prix Toronto. Come on in and check out who took it down!
Matthew Dilks has some hot predictions just in time for Monday's banned and restricted announcement. Check out how he thinks potential changes will effect Legacy!
Keith Capstick piloted 4C Leovold to a Top 16 finish at Grand Prix Seattle a few weeks back. Find out what his plans are going forward!
Check out the Top 4 decklists and get caught up with all the action from our Team Trios Showdown!
We hosted another Legacy Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto on Sunday and a familiar face took it down. Come on in and check out who won!
Maverick expert Karim Badrudin runs you through his latest list, explaining the ideas behind his card choices.
Want to feel more comfortable playing with or against Dark Depths? Michael Pawliuk has you covered!

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