Monday, July 6, 2020
It is financially beneficial for you to listen to this cast that features Legacy superstar Mark Sun. We talk about GW Pandora, High Tide, Dredge, Team America, Elves and even Cephalid Breakfast!
In episode 5 of Crazy Talk, the guys welcome a very special guest: Drew Levin. Together, they explore the Legacy metagame, the viability of burn decks and the future of the Legacy format. They also reveal the secret identity of the Robin Hood of Magic. Someone has to stand up to all those dirtbags!
KYT finally unveils the secret Tezzeret Affinity list that has been locked inside the Mana D headquarters.
In episode 4 of Crazy Talk, Medina starts things off by defending Legacy players around the world. The boys then cover 3 decks: High Tide, Affinity and Dredge. They also answer a few questions from Twitter land.
In episode 3, the boys start off talking about the reprint policy. They then move on to SCG Memphis where they discuss Merfolk, Team America, Natural Order and Affinity. They end it off with thoughts on where Legacy is going and what to make out of the new SCG buy-list.
In episode 2 of Crazy Talk, the guys are joined by a local Legacy Counterbalance veteran in David Schnayer. They start off by discussing options to start your Legacy collection on MTGO and move on to go over some of the combo decks in the format. One of them plays Candlesticks!
In the debut episode of Crazy Talk, the crew go over the accessibility of Legacy and the many different archetypes that you will run into as you navigate through the jungle of this format.
KYT finally returns as he shares the story of his win at the inaugural Invitational tournament. He also lists a potential Caw Go variant for people to try out in their upcoming Standard tourneys.
by Marcel Zafra Ever since he moved to Canada, Marcel Zafra has been considered one of the best MTG players in the country. He reinforced that reputation by winning the PTQ at GP Portland. In this deck tech, Doug P interviews Marcel on the deck he used to win a...
by Craig L. Cameron-Weir Craig started playing Magic in 1994, when he was 11 years old, but didn't play in his first sanctioned tournament until he was 21. Since then, he's become a regular on Alberta's PTQ circuit with several Top 8 finishes. He lives in Red Deer, Alberta where...

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