Thursday, August 6, 2020
Jonathan Zhang (@finalnub) reviews his play with Wishful Neobrand in a Showcase.
Ryan Donkin thinks his Ad Nauseam deck does a very good job at beating Companions. Check it out!
Eli Kassis talks about a Scapeshift list he's been fond of lately for Modern.
Jonathan Zhang (@finalnub) goes through a Modern Preliminary with Neobrand.
Lurrus has been the talk of the town. Eli Kassis chooses to harness its power in his Jeskai Underworld Breach deck!
Le Champion Eli Kassis has a new Scapeshift brew!
Being one of the most popular formats in Magic, Modern is frequently a hot topic in the community - no matter what the competitive level. One draw to this format is that you can essentially play anything you want....
This past weekend the F2F Tour traveled to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for a Modern event! Jump in and check out the action.
This past weekend the F2F Tour travelled to both Toronto for a Team Trios event and Quebec City to battle Modern! Check out all the action from our jam packed weekend.
A few weeks back Jozef Telecki won his second consecutive F2F Tour event in Lethbridge. Let him tell you how he took it down!

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