Monday, May 25, 2020
Francis Toussaint walks us through some of his favourite Modern decks from PT Philly and adds in his own spicy Cascade land destruction brew.
Fresh off my Top 16 at Mythic Championship Barcelona, I'm here to tell you how to win in this crazy format. Good friends of mine like 40-card Ben Friedman are often posting on Twitter about how this format is all...

Bogle Bogle!

KYT shares his love for the Bogle deck in Modern. Easy to play and powerful. Bogle at your next PTQ!
Peter Schreier shares his highly competitive Mono Green deck for Modern that is perfect for those looking to get into the format on a budget!
After half-a-year of Sunday Showdown tournaments the Ultimate Showdown has come and gone. Find out who made the Top 8 and what they played, including an interview with the winner !
Jeff Good presents his Abbot Loam brew for Modern!
This past weekend the Open Series traveled to Calgary, Alberta for a Modern Open+. Jump in and check out all the action!
Chris Woodall finishes up his Pro Tour report. His goal was to make Day 2 at his first PT, but was his Mardu Burn deck up to the task?
Jeremy Brain thinks adding green to KCI is the direction the archetype should be heading in.
MrScottyMac talks about his tournament at SCG Baltimore. Find out how it went and how he now feels about his latest list of #TeamGeist!

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