Tuesday, May 26, 2020
With the Modern PTQ season just around the corner, Francis Toussaint gets a jump on the newly altered format with a pretty sweet looking Urzatron deck.
Mark shares his thoughts on the recent bannings in both Modern and Legacy, while previewing what he believes will once again be viable decks.
Mark Sun joins the CT crew as they talk about GP Montreal and the impact the banning of Mental Misstep has on the Legacy format. Rumor has it that we are nearing the end of Crazy Talk... Could it be?
What’s the best control deck in Modern? Jared will save you the trouble of trying to figure it out for yourself and just ship you the goods - The Greater Goods.
Part 2 of comparing the Stock Market to the Magic's Card Market. Today Dan goes over "Market Shock" and how it applies to Legacy and Modern.
Francis Toussaint walks us through some of his favourite Modern decks from PT Philly and adds in his own spicy Cascade land destruction brew.
Part 2 of a 3-hour long podcast with special guest Drew Levin. The guys leave the Magic indiscretions in the confessional, and talk the newest non-rotating format on everyone's mind, Modern!
Want to know what the early MetaGame for Modern looks like on MTGO? Find out with Noah Long's latest...
Noah sent us an Extended/Modern article. Unfortunately, a lot of it no longer applies after the big announcement, but we would like to present the decklists that he wanted to share.

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