Monday, November 18, 2019
In this week's Goblin Guide, Fournier's doing things a little bit differently. Here's your guide
Fournier's back to give you the lowdown on what he'd play this weekend!
Mathew Schmaltz, General Manager of Face to Face Games, introduces the 2020 F2F Tour!
This past weekend Eli Kassis made Top 8 at the Mythic Championship in Richmond! Let him tell you the story!
This past weekend the Open Series traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a Modern Open. Check out all the action!
Fournier is on his way to battle at the Standard Mythic Championship this weekend. Find out what he's playing!
Ally Warfield is embarking on her first MC journey. Find out how she's preparing to put up a good result!
It was a weekend full of Lava Spikes on the Open Series. While Tyler Utman was bringing home the trophy in Saskatchewan with Burn, Jean-Francois Regimbald was doing the exact same thing a few provinces east in Ottawa, Ontario. Regimbald...
In Modern, no matter where you are, what the format is like, what's been dominant in past weeks or even what year it is -- one things is always true: You've got to respect Burn. And this past weekend when the...
Much like War of the Spark before it, Throne of Eldraine has made a significant impact in Modern, but no other card from Eldraine has warped the format quite like Oko, Thief of Crowns. From Amulet to Urza and...

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