Sunday, July 12, 2020
This past weekend was pretty awesome for playing or (especially) watching Magic, since all three of the most popular Constructed formats were on display. Some particularly exciting decklists came out of these events too, so let's get right into...
Congratulations to Guillaume Savard, our Mana Deprived Super Series Quebec City Champion!
I'm going to tackle Magic: the Gathering Online set redemption for a future ManaDeprived article. I plan to explore the process of converting digital cards into paper ones. As part of my research, I want to take the pulse of the...
Power Nine coming to MTGO Cube, new Magic novel, TSG update. Today was definitely a news-packed day!
At #cmtottawa, Matt Lapierre managed to prove that you don't need Sphinx's Revelation or Thragtusk to win in this meta-game. He featured 26 main deck creatures and a whole can of whoopass. Three Cavern of Souls made it hard...
Grand Prix Toronto is in MrScottyMac's backyard, so he plans to make it a special event for all. Come join our party!
Pascal Maynard takes down the TCGplayer Open 5K!
What's it like to play on the Pro Tour?'s Inside the Deck followed the story of several Pro Tour rookies through their first time at the big show!'s official tournament series is now known as the Mana Deprived Super Series
CMT Winnipeg took place this weekend and the tournament was defined by one card: Thragtusk. 32 of them in top 8.

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