Wednesday, December 11, 2019
With lots at stake for Alex at this Mythic Championship, how is he feeling?
With the Mythic Championship decklists fresh off the presses, Brian and Zvi sit down to discuss their favorites and which lists have the most spice
Brian and Zvi talk standard post-bannings and what to expect at the upcoming Mythic Championship
On the eve of the NYC PTQ Mike and Brian talk standard, Mike's unique card choices, and how standard will look after Monday's bannings
It's the MC Richmond Aftermath show! Andrew Huska joins the show having finished in the top 16 with the best Constructed record!
BDM and Zvi sit down to talk Mythic Championship VI and Zvi's prep for the event
The guys react to the latest Standard ban, PIoneer and discuss the future of digital MTG.
Mike and BDM talk Mythic Championship V, Standard banning, and most importantly: which basic mountains will Mike use for Pioneer?
BDM, Flores, Zvi. Mythic Championship V preview show. All you need to know.
Shaheen Soorani joined the show to chat Standard and to tell us what he thinks the best deck in Modern is. Is it Emry Ascendancy?

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