Friday, December 6, 2019
Join the Eh Team with a real live one: Modern Festival with Tribal Zoo, Dragons of Tarkir Limited, Origins spoilers, and... Brad Pitt?
David & Travis have TWO preview cards from the upcoming masters set! This week they've also put together a series of quick tips to improve your game play.
With Medina away at Origins, the guys spend Ep 133 talking about how much Magic they've been playing lately. KYT recounts how his team came to a 5th place finish at Grand Prix Providence...
The Esper Professor, Shaheen Soorani, stirs up controversy yet again by suggesting changes for Legacy & Modern.
Roman and Mike go back in time to 2002, as Mike Flores of 2002 takes his own trip back in time to tell the stories of the ten most memorable matches of Magic that he had ever seen.
David & Travis discuss the recent economy update to MTG Arena and share first experiences with Dominaria!
Medina has been replaced by a different Jon this week, but this one just won a Grand Prix! The Eh Team welcomes Jon Stern to the show for Episode 112, hot off his win at Grand Prix Atlantic City...
David Savill & Travis Sowers are joined by special guest Cameron "Ilyon" Aldous! They discuss Cam's upcoming Pickle Challenge and charity stream drive for Doctors Without Boarders, and then jump into thoughts about Amonkhet limited!
This week, Joey and BHJ talk about a plethora of topics, from unscrupulous vendors and Fallen Empires draft to Hall of Fame ballots and Legacy. Afterwards they’re joined by 60cards.com’s newest writer, Scott MacCallum, to discuss Standard. BONUS: Free YMTGT t-shirt to the first person to contact us (via e-mail,...
We finally decide our name to be “The Eh? Team” In this week’s episode we are joined by financial guru Kelly Reid @quietspeculation. We discuss what we’ve been playing, the Magic Cruise, Pro Tour Amsterdam, GP Portland, Cheating, and answer your mailbag questions. Big thanks to @mtgcolorpie for our amazing...

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