Monday, May 25, 2020
Scott caught up with GP Toronto winner Jon Smithers and everyone's favourite grinder, Phil Samms, over the Mirrodin Besieged prerelease weekend.
BDM and Mike return for another episode of the longest running (sometimes walking, sometimes napping, somewhat audible) Magic podcast.
BDM and Zvi sit down to talk Mythic Championship VI and Zvi's prep for the event
Episode 11! This episode we bust out another special intro from the SVU community as we talk to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) and Stephen Raphael (@steveraffle).
Matthew “Ogre” Stevens has made quite the reputation for himself buying, selling, and trading Magic cards in North America...
It's almost Grand Prix Toronto, and the Eh Team looks forward to the Grand Prix, and back at what Magic they've played this week.
Alex and KYT are back for more high-level concepts!
Happy New Years! Fate Reforged is out and the brothas are talking about the cool cards.
Jeremey loves MTGO Leagues, KYT's ready for the final WMCq of the season, and some Battle for Zendikar spoilers!
A certain Mac drops by to get the Eh Team all hyped for Grand Prix Toronto in two weeks.

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