Monday, November 18, 2019
This week on CCOPodcast, we go deep on Modern Horizons. This is part one of our two part Modern Horizons set review. Today, we dive into the legendary creatures, planeswalkers and set the overall tone of how the set makes us feel.
The boys finish up their review of the newly minted Commander 2019 product.
The boys continue the Arc of Commander Rejects!
The boys go deep on something they haven't discussed since Episode 11! The three main archetypes in Magic. Aggro, Control and Combo.
The boys kick off a new Arc! The Arc of Commander Rejects!
The boys continue the Arc of Commander Rejects!
The boys are recording from their hotel room on the trip back home from Magic Fest Las Vegas.
Today on CCOPodcast, the boys go deep on Haakon and Korlash. A, mono-black list that has it all. Combos, tutors and most importantly, jank commanders that you can swap out to fit into any meta you'd like!
The boys complete their Core Set 2020 set review by looking at all other cards and colours.
Today, on CCOPodcast, the boys conclude their first ever two-part set review. We cover the remainder of our favorite new Commander cards from Modern Horizons.

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