Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Somehow the wily Derfington got himself out of his cage and the boys decided they might as well talk to him before putting him back in.
Matt and Kevy have Nick Vigabool (MrVigabool) and Mike Grote (@mtgoferret) on to talk Standard metagame, MTGO financials, and Twitter hashtag policing.
The boys apparently started a fuss with some leaked gang signs for Khans this week but it was all a Twitter misunderstanding. Go figure. Regardless of the troubles Mr. Metal gets in the boys put on a great show...
In this ep, the boys talk MTGO crashing, what the shutdown of MTGO events will do to the card market, and tales of Canadian wilderness adventures.
The boys sit down and talk crazy Modern prices, Magic: Origins 'walkers, and how to treat a magical woman.
Matt and Kevy talk MTGO finance with cards on the rise and cards on the fall.
This week the boys and TSG talk the MDSS Modern 6k, Green Machine, Hardening Scales and Deflecting Palm. Then Slick Jagger crashes the cave to incite War!
This week Kevy is off on a secret mission while Marcel drops by and the boys talk Modern Masters 2015 and the SVU gatherings that will occur.
From the gutters of Ghirapur, Heavy Meta is back again to give you the bum's rush on Kaladesh.
This week, with Matty out in the Canadian wilderness, Kevy, TSG, and the Raging Gumby himself more than hold their own talking more Dragons of Tarkir spoilers.

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