The boys are back to say goodbye to the decade in style.
Angelo from Pitt Imps flies into the cave this week to talk Modern, reprints, and new block rumours. Also joining the party about half way through is the chef with the flavour and a HM tat on his chest!
Twas the night before Christmas and in a little cave 4 boys who drink too much were giving you what you crave. It's the 2017 HEAVYMETA Christmas SPECIAL!
This week, despite Skype trying to shut them down, the boys struggle through and talk the Face to Face Invitational, FTV Angels, Duel Decks, and what's wrong with MTGO this week.
With Matty and Kevy off living it up in Las Vegas, the HeavyMeta SVU crash the cave for a wild 3-HOUR podcast party full of guests and good times!
This week the crew talk Dragons spoilers, MDSS reports, and Randy ruins cube.
From the gutters of Ghirapur, Heavy Meta is back again to give you the bum's rush on Kaladesh.
SlickJagger from Money Draft and Angelo from Pitt Imps were guests, Matty was away on a vision quest with the Mother Beaver Goddess, so Kevy had to drive the bus while Gumby watched in horror
It's Journey to Nyx spoiler time folks, and the boys needed to lighten the testosterone a bit so they brought in @GirlOnNerds on to talk spoilers, warm milk, boob cleavage and of course nerd love.
Matt and Kevy talk MTGO finance with cards on the rise and cards on the fall.

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