This week the cast is joined by Micheal Pawliuk and Aaron Kasprkaz. They combine strengths with Tony to cram a wad of Legacy info down Kevy's throat.
This week the cast is joined by Tony's personal limited mastermind, Zach Leverton. Spicy Conspiracy 2 spoilers are the menu but there is a conspicuous fly in the soup.
The gloves are off about Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, SVU community projects continue to be brainstormed, and yet more creative ways to deface your cards.
The gang is back again and boy do they get fired up in a hurry. Tony has quite the tale of GPMontreal, FTV:Lore gets the TSG treatment, Kevy learns to save people but really just wants to shoot guns,...
This week Kevy, Tony, and TSG welcome special guest Matt Mealing.
This week a real Danny stops by the cave, Toronto hero Daniel Fournier!
The crew looks up from their phones long enough to record an episode! Modern, Eldritch Moon, and Pokemon Go.
It's spoiler time! Kevy, Tony, and Tristan go deep on Eldritch Moon spoilers and all the craziness these off the wall, new cards may or may not bring to a variety of formats.
Tristan is back this week, joining Kevy and Chef Tony to talk flying spaghetti monsters and a few other Eldritch Moon spoilers along with the normal self-serving babbling that you've come to love.
This week, Tony and Kevy are reunited with everybody's favorite Grapplesaurus-Rex, Raging Gumby!!

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