Wednesday, December 11, 2019
In this episode, Tristan and Kevy talk Boozecube, Planechase and Eternal Masters.
With everyone's schedule in disarray and after about a month of radio silence, Kevy and Tristan jump back in the saddle.
Kevy and Tristan are joined by the JR, The Time Elemental to discuss everything from the B&R update to the deteriorating architecture of Los Angeles.
Tristan and Kevy are joined by none other than The @Aw3someEveryDay himself to discuss #MTGSOI in all it's monster-mash glory.
TSG and Kevy sit down to have a nice little fireside chat about everything including hockey, real life, the future and of course, MTGSOI spoilers
This week Kevy was left to his own devices in the cave, so he decided to bring along @Spyvrr and @Load3r to join in the mayhem. The boys are pretty well lit straight out of the gate and talk...
In this week's installment of the cave of wonders, Chaz from MTGGoldfish drops by with none other than JR from Money Draught to talk Eternal Masters, Insider trading, fallout and more.
This week the boys bring on Caleb from Red 6 to talk PT, Eldrazi, Vorthos rumors, and twitter hole.
Kevy and Gumby decided to record an episode of Heavy Meta while getting hammered and playing Magic in The Dungeon on Saturday night!
Seems the cat is away this week, so the boys invited over the Money Draught crew to have a few and talk MTG Finance, PT viewership, Modern bans, and more! WARNING! ADULT CONTENT

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