Friday, November 15, 2019
Recorded after Alex's Grand Prix Montreal win, the guys talk high level Limited strategy.
The guys react to the recent OP news, talk Standard and have a discussion on game design.
Is the value of being unpredictable worth playing sub-optimal cards?
What's Alex's mentality heading into any Magic tournament? Listen and find out!
Alex & KYT discuss how to improve your Magic game from the ground up.
Alex returns from Vegas to talk about his Mythic Championship III experience!
The guys record a super short podcast before Alex has to fly to Vegas for Mythic Championship III.
Alex and KYT discuss the future of competitive Magic and gives a Grandmaster Class on how they think about sideboarding.
Alex and KYT talk about factors that can affect a player’s performance and the appeal of live MTG Arena tournaments.
Alex and KYT talk about the controversial GoFundMe topic and dive into Standard.

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