Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Season 2 of the Eh Team kicks off with Episode 101, and the guys find out from TSG if Bonfires really did litter the streets!
Jeremey, Matt, and JayBoosh are joined by the Mac himself, Scotty, to help hype Grand Prix Toronto, talk about SCG Modern States/Provincials, and the recent Pro Tour Club Platinum payout changes.
For episode 56, the Eh Team chats with Pro Tour Honolulu hopeful and Broken City School of Magic grinder Paul MacKinnon...
KYT and Medina share stories & Modern strategy from Grand Prix Columbus.
Episode 77 of the Eh Team sees the guys conferring over what they've been playing lately...
It's Episode 123 and the Eh Team talks recent Magic community drama, and cubing.
KYT & Matt Mendoza talk with SCG Invitational winner Caleb Scherer, and then reflect on their Magic achievements of 2015.
Returning for an mind-boggling FOURTH Eh Team appearance, it's Channel Fireball's own Tom Martell!
Ep 234 showcases Modern, variance, and why knowing your deck is important.
Minus a really sick Jay Boosh and a travelling Medina, for episode 106 KYT and ScottyMac draft two co-hosts from the minors, MattyStudios of Heavy Meta podcast and RealEvilGenius of Brewport Avenue.

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