Monday, May 25, 2020
Special guest Kelly Ackerman from Face to Face Toronto joins the Eh Team as they dive into a week's worth of Magic.
The Eh Team are back for Episode 118 to brag about their weekend of tournaments and discuss Magic news.
KYT, Mr. ScottyMac and Jeremey get together to record episode 201 of the Eh Team.
Episode 144 resumes with the team taking a critical look at all the Theros spoilers to date (well, as of Thursday night).
Episode 224 has carnivorous fondue, Pro Tour winning Standard decks, and a multi-block Rochester draft to blow your mind.
The Eh Team are joined by Dan Lanthier for some Conspiracy 2, a Modern Grand Prix, a non-existent scandal, and some Twenty Questions!
How is Matt like the mob, and what does that have to do with pizza?
The whole Eh Team is finally back together again, and they're joined by veteran Pro, streamer, and Community Cup champ Paul Cheon!
The new Standard is here, the Eh Team gets a visit from none other than Gerry Thompson
Jay Boosh wonders why is it hard to switch playing formats in Magic?

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