Thursday, August 6, 2020
The Eh Team welcomes Number 20 World-Ranked pro player Shaun McLaren, fresh off winning Pro Tour Barcelona.
It's Episode 197 and the Eh Team has Ante League, Modern combo, and Khans Standard deck ideas!
Episode 172 kicks off with not one, but TWO special guests, with Grand Prix Richmond winner Brian Liu, and an old friend, Jonathan Medina.
In Ep 81, Jay Boosh wins a Mox Emerald, and more Avacyn Restored spoilers!
It's episode 215, and Mr. ScottyMac & JayBoosh got you covered for Standard and Modern tech.
For Episode 55, the Eh Team feature guest host Jonathan Medina, fresh off his top 4 at SCG Nashville, and special guest Brazilian pro player PVDDR. Back to form and never afraid to tackle tough topics...
KYT and Mr Scotty Mac are joined by MTGO Community Cup teammate and competition (respectively), Mariah Pagliocco and her father Tony (TPup!).
Fresh from his work experience behind the curtain of Wizards of the Coast, the Eh Team welcomes Gerry Thompson back to the show!
The Eh Team meets Jeremy Schofield, who went 15-0 to the finals of GP Vancouver.
Episode 144 resumes with the team taking a critical look at all the Theros spoilers to date (well, as of Thursday night).

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