Thursday, August 6, 2020
Linguistics differences, Canadian stereotypes, and Jay and Matt disagree on a point. Or two.
Jay Boosh wonders why is it hard to switch playing formats in Magic?
Shadows Over Innistrad Limited, All Dressed potato chips, and Modern Dredge!
WotC announcements, Nahiri in Modern, and why KYT wants to play The Great Aurora.
The Eh Team welcomes back Shaheen Soorani and Doug Potter to the cast to talk about their latest exploits!
The Eh Team welcomes Grand Prix Toronto Champion Robert Lombardi on the cast to talk about his journey to the top.
Jeremey Schofield was joined by Matt Mendoza & Jay Boosh TOGETHER, along with Mr. ScottyMac and a few friends of the show, to record a special live edition podcast in Toronto.
Jeremey, Matt, and JayBoosh are joined by the Mac himself, Scotty, to help hype Grand Prix Toronto, talk about SCG Modern States/Provincials, and the recent Pro Tour Club Platinum payout changes.
Jay describes the highs and lows of selling cards over the Internet, and Jeremey won a PPTQ last weekend!
A certain Mac drops by to get the Eh Team all hyped for Grand Prix Toronto in two weeks.

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