Thursday, August 6, 2020
With a surprising yet satisfying banlist update, BDM and Zvi sit down to talk the future of standard and a history of its bans
BDM and Zvi meet up (virtually) to talk the upcoming Player's Tour Finals Top 8 and what they've been playing in Historic
In this episode, Brian and Zvi sit down to talk about recent standard bannings, the companion change, the upcoming online Players Tour, and most importantly, Core 2021 spoilers!
Brian and Zvi virtually sit down to talk about the first major Companion bannings in Vintage and Legacy and Zvi's recent approach to the changing Standard metagame.
BDM and Zvi talk standard for the upcoming Mythic Qualifier on MTG arena.
Part 2 of BDM and Zvi's journey into Ikoria limited.
BDM and Zvi talk Ikoria limited and what decks Zvi's been trying out.
BDM and Zvi sit down virtually to talk about Ikoria's 15 companions, and why Zvi is wary of their impact on Magic
BDM and Zvi sit down to talk about the 16 World Championship decklists and who they think will come out on top!

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