Thursday, August 6, 2020
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall continue their review of Ravnica Allegiance by closing out Multicoloured cards, and then examining the Artifacts and Lands.
🍎 iTunes: 🎧 Anchor: Brian David-Marshall and Mike Flores are reunited for another episode of the longest running Magic podcast in the game. Before they did though, Brian met up with Top8Magic superfan, and professional comic book illustrator,...
BDM and Zvi find themselves on the road again away from Brian’s trusty co-host MichaelJ, huddled up around a tablet to discuss a variety of timely topics.
Ep 345 has drawing comics, TV villains... all this and Brian's trip to the World Championship! (i.e. Magic: The Gathering).
Brian David-Marshall and Gabe Carlton-Barnes look at what shook out in Standard over the course of two Grand Prix events.
Was the Zombie Apocalypse caused by licking strippers' chests?
In this episode, your hosts Brian David-Marshall and Michael J. Flores take to the streets (and parks) of Hoboken, NJ jacked up on some nitro cold brew coffee that Michael J. is (justifiably) hyperbolic about.
Brian insists on calling the deck that he and Mike are playing at GPNJ this weekend Stink Bomb. In the spirit of Gerry Thompson, Mike is revealing the aforementioned deck!
Brian and Mike convene on what is inevitably going to be the first of fifty-two 2018 Top 8 Magic podcasts. Topics include Brian's birthday, Brian's Kickstarter, different kinds of New York pizza, and, oh yeah! Magic: The Gathering Dominaria!
BDM and Mike return to discuss the Standard metagame, from the decks and players of Pro Tour in Dublin to the Grand Prix in Pittsburgh, PA.

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