Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Top 8 Magic returns to talk about this year's newly renamed Magic Hall of Fame, swings at some savage rumors, and finishes up on where Modern will be after a trio of key bannings and un-bannings.
More Born of the Gods. Blue, and black cards.
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall continue their review of Ravnica Allegiance by poring through the Red cards from the streets of NYC.
Mike and BDM return to their old haunt at Waverly and Gay, to discuss crowd-funding travel for pro play, the weight of the impact Modern Horizons is already having on Modern (especially two specific cards), and the MPL challenger invitations.
Mike and Osyp chat about Standard and Modern, the successes and opportunities presented by Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, and Mike's recent PPTQ win with Naya Burn.
Brian's favourite Red card in Journey into Nyx! Mike's favorite card in the set is Red! Journey into N---Waverly and Gay with your two favourite podcast hosts.
Pro Tour paperwork, Team Ultra Pro, and the Mad Men finale.
BDM is back with a best of 2016 episode! Baseball, basketball, movies, comics, comic book movies, Magic moments of the year in review.
The Top 8 Magic set review of Fate Reforged continues (albeit a bit tardily) with Black and Red cards!
Journey into Nyx: White, Lands, Artifacts. Features all-new "save or delete" aesthetic of Nyx or Ixnay (don't think too hard about that one).

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