Thursday, August 6, 2020
Mike and Brian meet again to podcast while Mike plays a Standard tournament.
Brian David-Marshall is back in NYC after competing in the Mythic Invitational, so he and Mike meet to talk best-of-1, the worst deck ever played, and War of the Spark spoilers.
BDM and Zvi recap Zvi's adventures in Phoenix for the Player's Tour
BDM and Zvi sit down virtually to talk about Ikoria's 15 companions, and why Zvi is wary of their impact on Magic
Mike hangs out with Grand Prix badasses Osyp Lebedowicz and Phil Napoli, together on the Pro Tour for the first time in their decades-long BFF-ship.
BDM and Michael J meet up to talk Theros spoilers, Modern red decks, and some invaluable life advice
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall return to the soundwaves from the streets of NYC to review everything but the blue cards from Ravnica Allegiance.
Mike and Brian discuss Journey into Nyx Green cards. Which card that will surely become a tournament staple did Mike call unplayable?
Mike and Brian cover Journey into Nyx, Black and Gold.
Borderland Minotaur and thirty-six other Theros Red cards await the scathing tongues of Top 8 Magic in this rip-roaring review!

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