Pro Tour paperwork, Team Ultra Pro, and the Mad Men finale.
A modicum of Magic but a bundle of boob tube at Waverly and Gay this week.
BDM is off at the World Championships but Mike soldiers on with a special guest!
In this third instalment of Hours and Hours of Devastation, Mike and BDM are joined by Matt Ferrando to cover the Black and Aftermath cards.
Khans of Tarkir: What white card did Mike change Brian's tune on? What blue card seems like it should be great (but neither of our intrepid hosts can imagine how)?
Mike and Brian meet at The Uncommons in NYC for Brian's Emergents: Genesis event!
Why Mike will never win at Limited again, and Brian makes a nitro affogato.
Part 1 of BDM and Zvi's 3-part Theros: Beyond Death review!
Green cards and artifacts meet crazy (literally crazy in some cases) NBA predictions and commentary in the final installment of their epic Theros review.
Good chats at Waverly & Gay in this one; so good that Mike and Brian get through approx. 1 Khans of Tarkir card in 20 minutes. So they only did Black this time.

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