Monday, May 25, 2020
Eldritch Moon: Wax or Wane resumes with Red, Melds, and Lands.
Brian insists on calling the deck that he and Mike are playing at GPNJ this weekend Stink Bomb. In the spirit of Gerry Thompson, Mike is revealing the aforementioned deck!
Judge and podcaster extraordinaire Chris Lansdell joins Mike and Brian to run some post-ramen podcasting.
It feels like it has taken most of the summer but BDM and MichaelJ are finally reunited for a new episode of the longest running Magic podcast.
Mike and Brian cover Journey into Nyx, Black and Gold.
In this episode, your hosts Brian David-Marshall and Michael J. Flores take to the streets (and parks) of Hoboken, NJ jacked up on some nitro cold brew coffee that Michael J. is (justifiably) hyperbolic about.
A new post-Khans Standard format, a new Modern, and a new Top 8 Magic begins at an FNM.
Once upon a time there was a Hall of Famer and Pro Tour champion named Zvi who was going to be attending the Mythic ball in Richmond...
Mike and Brian continue with some early look Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers: blue and black cards, plus some artifacts & lands.
Mike and Brian cheat (for Top 8 Magic anyway) and record indoors. I know, I know! Still, we bring you Blue in all its ten-save glory.

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