Wednesday, December 11, 2019
BDM is in San Francisco this week, without Mike, but this gave him the chance to connect and catch up with Pro Tour Hall of Famer and old friend, Zvi Mowshowitz.
BDM and Mike discuss the Magic events of the past week (as well as some non-Magical ones as well).
Mike and BDM get together in a mysterious mall to talk the best new cards in Standard, while Brian turns Mike on to a strange new way of playing "group game" Magic.
SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched Avengers Endgame or the Battle of Winterfell episode of Game of Thrones... when BDM says “stop listening” at the half hour mark of the podcast you should really, really, REALLY stop listening. COMMENCE THE ENDGAME!
Mike and BDM get together again a second time this week to discuss comics, more War of the Spark story and preview cards, and once again confirm a key piece of prerelease advice.
Mike and BDM get together at Brookfield to hash out their Game of Thrones death pools, War of the Spark preview cards, and the key piece of prerelease advice you that will win you games.
Brian David-Marshall is back in NYC after competing in the Mythic Invitational, so he and Mike meet to talk best-of-1, the worst deck ever played, and War of the Spark spoilers.
The weather is getting better, so BDM and Mike Flores return to their usual haunt, at the haunted corner of Waverly & Gay.
Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall return to the soundwaves from the streets of NYC to review everything but the blue cards from Ravnica Allegiance.
Top 8 Magic presents: Curmudgeons with Cards Getting Coffee. aka Glorious Night of Soil's Betrayal, with Jon Becker

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