Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Want to know what to play at your RPTQ next weekend? We have the decklists from Toronto!
Get caught up from all the action at our Standard Sunday Showdown so you know the scoop on the format before Nationals next Saturday !
Derek's back this week trying out Tyler Schroeder's GP Memphis winning G/R Monsters deck. Come check out what this new beat-down strategy is all about!
David Moline goes over his second place finish at SCG LA with his very own Naya Midrange deck.
by Kar Yung Tom For those of you who have not been with us since the beginning, you would not know that Thiago Saporito, better known as bolov0, is actually a member of Mana Deprived. He has become an MTGO phenom that Brad Nelson has praised numerous times in his...
Travis Hall takes down Game Day with his spicy Emeria Shepherd deck! Read all about it!
We have some new playthings and this is the journey of one man to make those playthings into something awesome.

On the Bubble

Daniel Pham walks us through his solid performance at GP Barcelona, piloting Boros through 15 rounds of intense, and tightly recounted, Magic. Read on to find out if he managed to reach his goal of qualifying for Pro Tour Nagoya.
Chris Lansdell went back into his brew tank to bring us BW Reanimator for Standard!
William Blondon has already started testing some of the new cards from Eldritch Moon! Check out his early findings!

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