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Durdling Around 244 – Liliana Climbs the Corporate Ladder

Be careful when you ask for more power...

Durdling Around 243 – Ajani’s One Weakness

Bolas can't keep getting away with this!

Durdling Around 242 – A Devil Can Dream

It's good to have goals...

Durdling Around 240 – The Simic Surprise

You expected Jellyfish, but it was me! Jellyfish Hydra Beast!

Durdling Around 239 – Lavinia of the Fun Police

Discounted creatures will be prosecuted!

Durdling Around 238 – Flippin’ Gone Wrong

It's ironic that Chaos Orb is vulnerable to motion sickness...

Durdling Around 237 – The Ultimate Gamble

To be fair, Ultimate Masters is still a sweet set..

Durdling Around 236 – A Guild of Copycats

Does this mean Lazav always wins the Dimir Halloween Costume Contest? #MTGGRN

Durdling Around 235 – Don’t Question The Elder Dragon

I guess we'll be seeing Jace in Return to Kamigawa...

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