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Durdling Around #23 – The Worldslayer 2000

If there's one Equipment to purchase this summer, make it Worldslayer!

Durdling Around #22 – TMS and Misty move on

A Mind Sculptor and a Mystic learn to live in a Standard-less world...

Durdling Around #21 – Ooze-related issues

The Mimeoplasm runs into some body image issues...

Durdling Around #20 – A Vain Plea

Some old friends would like to remind you that they're still around!

Durdling Around #19 – Legacy Deck Names: A Retrospective

David exposes some of the more misleading deck names in Legacy, except for one...

Durdling Around #18 – Vorinclex the Hidden

Vorinclex makes a new friend!

Durdling Around #17 – Spellskiiite

Mirrodin's newest troll arrives...

Durdling Around #16 – The Loneliest Phyrexian

Friends can be hard to come by for a Phyrexian Obliterator...

Durdling Around #15 – An Unfair Combination

A certain Praetor passes judgment on the latest Standard combo deck...

Durdling Around #14 – Getting Along is Hard to do

It's hard to keep all the Praetors on the same page...

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