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Durdling Around #11 – A Not-so-Grand Design

Elesh Norn's wardrobe isn't so functional in practice...

Durdling Around #10 – Elspeth Asks: Knowledge Pool

Little Elspeth asks how Knowledge Pool works...

Durdling Around #9 – Praetor’s Pestering

No wonder Phyrexia always gets what it wants...

Durdling Around #8 – Gideon, Lord of the Dance

What actually happens when Gideon uses his +2 ability...

Durdling Around #7 – Tezzeret, Agent of Cups

Do not underestimate Tezzeret!

Durdling Around #6 – A Mystical Analogy

If it can happen to Jace, it can happen to anyone...

Durdling Around #5 – Contested War Zone

Maybe that's why you have to sideboard out Contested War Zones...

Durdling Around #4 – Control Finishers in Magic: a Retrospective

David Lee shows us the different finishers control have used in the past. Have we really come to this?

Durdling Around #3 – The Brass Squire

Is the Brass Squire just a measly 1/3 creature? I don't know...

Durdling Around #2

This week's Durdling Around is brought to you by White Sun's Zenith.

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