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Durdling Around 230 – Just A Couple of Hollow Bois

A Hollow One ponders the meaning of its existence...

Durdling Around 229 – Public One-Drop #1

We can't have one-mana planeswalkers in this format!

Durdling Around 228 – Chromium’s First Disguise

Chromium wasn't always adept at blending in with the humans... #MTGM19 #ElderDragonThings

Durdling Around 227 – The Worst Party Idea Ever

Perhaps a Goblin Chainwhirler party would have been better in an open space... #PTDOM #MTG #Goblins

Durdling Around 226 – The Battlebond Team You’ve Waited For

This all-star duo from Homelands is ready to rumble! #MTGBattle

Durdling Around 225 – More Spikes Than A Pro Tour

It's good to be a chase mythic rare. #MTGDOM

Durdling Around 224 – The Greatest Amphibian Showdown

It's the Frog Horror from Urborg vs. the Frog Mutant from Nephalia! Who you got? #MTGDOM

Durdling Around 223 – Gideon’s Morally Ambiguous Sword

When Gideon loses his sural, he's desperate for a new weapon...#MTGDOM

Durdling Around 222 – Everyone Needs a Hero

Even a pyromancer can teach a lesson in patience... #MTGDOM #Dominaria

Durdling Around 221 – Vorinclex’s Great Saga

You've heard of the Brothers' War and the Phyrexian Invasion, but maybe not this Saga... #MTGDOM

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