This past weekend the Open series was on the road again in Windsor, ON for our 2k Modern Classic!

After our trip out to Windsor players sat down for some Modern action, where we were visited by an old friend. Grixis Death’s Shadow came back to haunt us and took down the event in the hands of Jeremy Hamer.

Jeremy Hamer won our Windsor Modern Classic with his Death’s Shadow deck.

We haven’t seen much Death’s Shadow as of late, but the deck is just so fundamentally efficient and powerful that it’s not hard to see how it could pop up and take down an event like this.

The rest of the Top 8 was a little more of what you’d expect from Modern lately, some Humans, Jeskai and Hollow One.

One thing I’d like to point out looking at the Top 8 is that every single deck either attacks with creatures as its core strategy, or removes them as its core strategy. Long gone are the days of actual combo decks in this format, Modern is honestly a lot more fair then we give it credit for right now. Obviously there’s the odd Ad Nauseum or Titan Shift player, but for the most part Lightning Bolt has taken it’s place atop of Moderns power rankings once again.

Our Top 8 in Windsor.

Congratulations to Jeremy on his victory! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more events coming to a location near you!

Before you check out these sweet decklists, make sure you’ve got your plans ready for Canadian Nationals. Face to Face Games will be hosting Nats from June 29 – July 1 over the long weekend. Come down early and make a weekend of it! We’ll also be hosting a slew of side events including a 5k Modern Open+, a Legacy Eternal Weekend Trial and a Legacy Showdown on the Sunday. Get all the information here.

First Place, Jeremy Hamer- Grixis Death’s Shadow

Second Place, Keegan Cavers – Humans

Third Place, Shawn Cyr – Jeskai

Fourth Place, James Arquette- Bogles

Fifth Place, David Beaune – B/R Hollow One

Sixth Place, Jim McClellan- Jeskai Thopter Gifts

Seventh Place, Brandon Logan РAffinity 

Eighth Place, Robert Fram- R/W Taxes