From Colourless Legacy to Capacity for Change


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KYT, Bryan, and Vince D’Agostino are joined by Legacy Weekend Top 8 competitor Seth Black to discuss Legacy and the Colourless Eldrazi deck, then get a visit from Chantelle Campbell to hear her take on Daniel Fournier’s controversial article on changing the Magic community.

  • (00:05:05) What is Seth Black’s view on Legacy, and what was his plan going into the Eternal Weekend tournament, and what would he change about the deck going forward?
  • (00:14:47) Seth’s prediction for the Legacy metagame going into Baltimore, and what is the best way to attack the Colourless Eldrazi archetype, if you face them in Legacy?
  • (00:18:45) Which is the better team constructed format: Team Trios or unified constructed? How does this compare to the teams for the Pro Tour?
  • (00:25:45) Thoughts on the Humans deck in Modern, and what effect will it have on the metagame going into the RPTQs for Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan in two weeks?
  • (00:35:26) What has Vince been so busy with the past few weeks? He’s been opening his own store in Hamilton, Ontario!
  • (00:37:57) Chantelle Campbells joins the show to discuss the massive reaction to Daniel Fournier’s article on men and the MtG community. Is the fact that women on the Pro Tour is not a solid metric for progress really the only message to focus on in responding to this article?
  • (00:50:00) In Chantelle’s perspective, has the MtG community made any progress since Meghan Wolfe’s article on the same subject from 2015?
  • (00:55:52) Preparing for the Modern RPTQ, what has Chantelle been doing with Valakut? Check out Chantelle in her new all-women competitive MtG podcast debuting soon, Proven Combatants. @CombatantsMTG

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