Community Spotlight: Forest City Cup


While I was tilting-off about my heinous 7-2 into 8-7 finish at Grand Prix Atlanta a few weeks ago gold Pro and Toronto-local Paul Dean familiarized me with the phrase, “it’s not about the Magic, it’s about The Gathering.” At the time this was simply some words of advice to help justify the time I was spending playing and travelling for what is ultimately—just a game.

Despite how vomit-inducingingly mushy this turn-of-phrase felt at the time, I’ve thought about it a lot since then, and even more this morning prior to sitting down to write this. The inaugural Forest City Cup took place last weekend, a community run event put-on by Greater Toronto Area judge Mike Gyssels as a way to bolster the London, Ont. Magic scene and raise some money for charity. The event was a guaranteed 2k Modern tournament with a big Legacy side event. At the end of the day, Mike and the contestants had raised $2,000 for PFlag, a national charity organization committed to supporting the LGTBQ2+ communities across the country. And also, Quinn Gregg won another tournament.

Forest City Cup champion Quinn Gregg.

I’m obviously very invested in this community at this point, but it never ceases to amaze me the way that such a niche hobby can allow strong people to build off of each other in order to amplify the spaces we all love. Mike has started judging across the province in the last year and to see the way he was able to build-up his own community with this event is a testament to him and the Ontario Magic scene. I sincerely regret not being able to make it out to London, and you can bet that next year I’ll be in a car at 7:00 a.m. on my way west from Toronto and ready to get beat by Quinn.

Forest City Cup Top 8.

As for the decklists, there were a lot of basic Mountains, and like I said before, Quinn Gregg won again with Eldrazi Tron. The Top 8 was way more linear than we’re used to seeing in the Greater Toronto Area, featuring Ad Nauseum, two Burn decks and a Skred deck. Modern is obviously the perfect format for this kind of event because it allows for everyone to bring their pet Modern deck and battle for a chance for success.

Below are the decklists and some more photos from the event, be on the lookout next year for the second instalment of the Forest City Cup !

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First Place, Quinn Gregg– Eldrazi Tron

Second Place, Hayden Auterhoff– Storm

Third Place, Owen Turcotte– Burn

Fourth Place, Clinton Prince– Skred

Fifth Place, Darren Kovac– Burn

Sixth Place, Matt Pinsky– Ponza

Seventh Place, Graham Schofield– Ad Nauseum

Eighth Place, Raymond Li- B/G Midrange